A journey for Knowledge Lost

A Little About Us

Why do we do what we do?

We are amateur bushcraft enthusiasts with a mission to test the many techniques and skills demonstrated by professional and non professional bush-craft enthusiasts from around the globe, and see how they fare up against the great Canadian outdoors.

This blog has been created to document our experiences, our wins, and our fails.

We are not experts but we love the outdoors, testing out the bushcraft techniques and skills demonstrated by the masters of bushcraft, in hope of honing our own skills in this ancient art.

Matt, Bow & ReubenBushcraft Heroes

Learn Through Vicarious Experince

We have has a tremendous amount of support from our subscribers on YouTube. Many can’t get out to the woods and spend time on elaborate projects or even to carve a spoon, and so express how they get their fill by watching out videos. That always puts a smile on our face, as we spent many years in the same boat, learning and experiencing bushcraft by watching others.

Start Bushcrafting Vicariously!

We release a new bushcraft video every Friday on YouTube