In a quest to find the best bushcraft knife 2018, we have finally landed on a winner. The Tops Brothers of Bushcraft Fieldcraft as pictured below is our favourite bushcraft knife for 2018, heres why…








Edge Retension


Sharpening Ease


Basic Knife Specs

  • Overall length of the knife is about 10 inches.
  • High carbon 1095 steel blade is 4.5 inches long and 3/16″ thick.
  • The blade has a modified Scandi grind, which is awesome for most basic camp chores.
  • Along the spine is about an inch or so of aggressive jimping which, along with the thumb scales on the handle, affords for great control of the blade.
  • The knife has a full tang, which extends past the scales at the butt end, culminating in a Shango notch. The Shango notch is meant for use with a ferro rod, but in all honesty, this feature is pretty useless.
  • The handle scales are brown canvas micarta. The overall shape of the handle is extremely comfortable in my hand. Not so thick to be cumbersome but plenty of heft to let you know you’re holding and using a quality tool. The handle also has a built in bow drill divot for use in primitive fire making.
  • The Kydex sheath holds the knife very securely. The knife sort of clicks into place within the sheath, though there is no button or strap you need to mess with when removing or replacing the knife.
  • The sheath has a spring clip for use on your belt. The clip swivels, allowing you to position the knife exactly where you want.
  • The sheath also has a built in ferro rod attachment point and, as mentioned above, the knife includes a ferro rod with purchase.

So What can It Do?

A short video taking this knife to the limits of what it can do.

Edge Retention?

With 1095 High Carbon Steel blades, they do loose their razor edge quicker than some other steel, but thankfully getting it back to hair popping sharp takes about 2 minutes on a strop as shown below:

Final Thoughts

So with all that said, and amongst fierce competition in the bushcraft knife world, this is why we recommend the Tops Brothers of Bushcraft Hunter as the best bushcraft knife 2018, under $150.

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